Crowdfunding indie anti-Tory Facebook memes: Why are we doing this?

02_01_16_a_computer_echo_600_391_80.jpgUnfortunately, the echo chamber effect on social media is now notorious.

0c74a6fba58bad2ad2877c06411a706b.jpgKeen opponents of the Tories are a bit of a bubble on Facebook. People around the UK who live very different lives to you are seeing very different things to you on their Facebook feeds.


Grass-roots campaigning on Facebook without using money often reaches disappointingly few people, and broad reach is very difficult. We opponents of the Tories are often preaching on Facebook only really to the choir.

Unleashing the power of crowdfunding

crowdfunding_(1).jpgYet, coming together to use the secret power of crowdfunded money, we can reach Tory supporters, undecided voters, and unengaged voters directly on their Facebook news feeds. All the people who don't normally see anti-Tory political posts.

crowdfundingsketch.jpgWith a small amount of sponsorship for any Facebook post, you can reach many thousands of unknown Facebook users, as diverse and random (or as specific) as you choose.