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Knock on doors with Campaign Together

Campaign_Together_logo.pngCampaign Together are talking to people, and they want you to join them. They say...

Real-life conversations – canvassing – have the best chance of getting people out to vote. The 2008 Obama Presidential campaign was won by this model of grassroots organising. Working together outside of traditional party allegiances is the best chance we have of defeating the Tories. In the 2015 Canadian elections, progressives worked together across political parties to defeat the Conservatives. And they won.

Canvassing is a voter contact technique used by political organisations to gauge people’s support for a candidate. It’s the party faithful going street to street, knocking on doors and talking to voters. It’s simple and it works.

We plan to harness the power of canvassing on a massive scale. Through our website, phone calls and face to face meetings, we will mentor, coach and connect progressive voters to the non-Tory candidate most likely to win in their constituency. What’s more, we’ve targeted 25 highly winnable marginal constituencies where we know that we can make all the difference.

Depending on where you live and who you would like to campaign for, we will match you up with one of these areas and parties. We are encouraging everyone to look beyond traditional party allegiances – to stop the Tories by campaigning together and making our voices count.

Help your party

Not having a party is not a problem here, but if you do know which party you're supporting and you'd be willing to help them out directly, click here for a link to your party's volunteering website