How to start your own #StopTheTories Facebook page

It's easy to get your Facebook page started right now!

step_1.pngStep 1: Go to your Facebook home page.

Step 2: On your Facebook home page, go to the 'EXPLORE' section in the left-hand bar, and select 'Pages'. (Your ''EXPLORE' menu will look a little like the picture on the right, although everyone's is a little different.)

Step_2.pngStep 3: In the top right-hand corner, just underneath your blue top status bar, there is the option Create PageClick there (see left). 

Step_3.pngStep 4: You'll then get a big window with pictures. It is asking you what kind of page you want to create. Select the 'Cause or Community' button in the bottom right-hand corner.

Step 5: That big button then flips over and prompts you to enter the name of your group. Type your chosen page name there. 

Step_4.pngNot sure what page name to use? Here are a few made-up examples of good names:

  • Stop the Tories 2017 Anytown
  • Stop the Tories 2017 Telford - Lucy Allan OUT!
  • Derby County FC Fans Against the Tories 2017
  • Artists vs the Tories #GE17
  • British Asians Against the Tories 2017
  • People Living With Cancer Against the Tories 2017
  • Dumbledore's Army Against the Tories 2017
  • Goths Against the Tories 2017
  • Runners Against the Tories 2017

...The possibilities are endless! ;-)

Step 6: Click the blue 'Get Started' button.

Step 7: Your page is now created!


Next steps...

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