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#StopTheTories not right for you?

Join your party...

#StopTheTories is of course not the only route you have for helping out against the Tories in #GE17.

If it's your bag, you can of course choose instead to campaign for one of the progressive parties, by signing up directly on their website. They're not likely to mind very much in this election if you've previously supported a different party! Here are the volunteering links: 

The Progressive Alliance

There might also be actions in your area (most especially if you live in a marginal constituency) by the more "official" (and currently much better resourced) Progressive Alliance campaign.


Where to go to get involved

Note that not all parties will be active in all constituencies, and there'll generally be far more going on in marginal seats than elsewhere.

It's horrible that it's like that, but that's the consequence of our ridiculous First Past The Post system, in which a relatively small number of seats are key to the whole election result. (About 100 seats out of 650.)

We've thrown together a guide to where to get involved: