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Want to reach ordinary voters in your local area? Want to reach like-minded people? Want your own easy and hugely fun publishing project?

Make an impact with any budget

If you can lay your hands on any money at all (from your pocket, from clubbing together, or by fundraising, you can order Facebook sponsored posts (paid advertising). You will then be able to reach hundreds of the Facebook users of your choice that we normally don't reach.

Reach 1,500 to 3,000 people with just £10.


Can you fundraise £100? Then you're sponsoring reach of your chosen Facebook post(s) to between 15,000 and 30,000 Facebook users...

That will include thousands of Tory supporters, thousands of unengaged people, and many undecided voters!

Learn Facebook page publishing and crowdfunding here... it's easy!

It's easier than you might think! Anyone can do it. Get started right now with the step-by-step instruction guide we've lovingly prepared for you.


Advertise to the exact audience you want

And if you choose to, you can tell Facebook to show your ad only to the exact audience you want:

  • people who all live in the same town or neighbourhood, OR
  • people who all have the same shared interest as you, OR
  • people who are all in the age range you want, OR
  • people of the gender you want.

With a big fundraise, you might be able to reach most of the Facebook users in your town, or your community of interest!

Get started today

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Not got time? 

Just want to give money to us to spend on Facebook ads? We can boost your favourite viral Facebook post on your behalf. Every pound sent on to us is poured straight into increasing reach of your favourite post to Facebook users outside our bubble.