Campaign on the streets: DIY leafleting

Help drown out the BBC and Tory newspapers... 

Turn up the anti-Tory volume and help #ChangeTheDebate


Club together for £85-£105, or fundraise

£105 buys 5000 high-quality anti-Tory flyers, your choice of design from our menu, ordered with one phone call and one bank transfer, delivered to your door. [Choose and order now...]

(You can reduce the cost to just £85, if you're able to do your own small amount of screen work on the flyer files first. We give you a step-by-step guide.)


We're making it really easy to choose a flyer design from our menu. [Choose now...]

We also tell you all about the one easy thing you must make sure you do before going to print, to comply with election law. [Read more...]


Order 5,000 flyers delivered to your door

All orders of flyers from our recommended printer are delivered to your door.

There is no screen work required by you to place an express order of 5,000 flyers for £105. Just call today!

However, you can save £20 on your order if you do a little screen work, imprinting your flyers manually and then uploading your imprinted files yourself. Get 5,000 flyers for just £85. We provide full instructions for how to prepare and upload your own flyer files. [Read more...]


Can you fundraise?

How easy or how difficult is it for you to get your hands on £105 to fight Tories independently, on your terms, in your own community?

Do you have any family, friends, colleagues or teammates with a few spare quid, who passionately oppose the Tories and badly want to see things turned around in #GE17? Can they help you club together for £105? 

Or maybe it's more difficult for you, but achievable, and you'll need to do a slightly bigger fundraise:


HIT THE STREETS #TellItLikeItIs #ReachTheUnengaged

Got flyers? Great! Grab your friends and project team, and...

You can leaflet wherever you want, any time. 

We've provided a guide for anyone interested in going leafleting door-to-door.


How to get started organising a flyering campaign...

However little organising capacity your team has, you can arrange flyering action. We've written a separate page to give you some things to think about when organising a group flyering action - pointers on how to make the most of it, keep your team safe and comfortable, and avoid unnecessary aggro. [Read now...]


You'll maximise your impact on the outcome of #GE17 if you could possibly take a group on a day out to your nearest marginal seat. We've provided a list of the marginal seats in each region.