Update on the six crowdfunded paid ad campaigns by Stop the Tories 2017


The six crowdfunder campaigns for Stop the Tories 2017 paid Facebook advertising will remain open till 5pm Thursday.

A Sunday night appeal on Facebook has brought in another £342... thank you very much to everyone!

Here are current summary stats for all six campaigns:

   Total raised  Direct sponsored reach Total UK reach Number of shares 
#VotingToryKillsDisabledPeople £346  46,665  131,574  1,191 
#VotingToryStarvesChildren £564  68,376  491,651  4,511 
#VoteHuman £310  64,455  317,102  2,623 
#NotAllAboutCorbyn #ToriesOut £96  12,828  72,014  880 
 Foxhunting #CruelTories £45  4,048  25,199  217 
 #SimonKirby #BrightonKemptown   £232  34,450  458,584  5,064 

Each post is now being sponsored just to one carefully selected marginal constituency - a different one for each. I'm not going to disclose till Thursday night which ones (except that one is obviously Brighton Kemptown), because that might be useful to spies, but the posts are reaching deeply and well and truly bursting out of the echo chamber.

Can you donate £3 today, or spread the word?