THANK YOU to all donors: Final updates on crowdfunded ad campaigns


THANK YOU VERY MUCH INDEED to the 162 donors who sponsored Stop the Tories 2017 paid Facebook advertising!

A total of £2,439 was raised. Here are final figures for the numbers of Facebook users reached with that money! (Including the #RegisterToVote campaign which closed on the voter registration deadline.)

   Total raised  Direct sponsored reach Total UK reach Number of shares 
#VotingToryKillsDisabledPeople £424 50,883 142,137 1,281
#VotingToryStarvesChildren £632 75,431 504,858  4,600
#VoteHuman £350 68,322 328,399 2,695
#NotAllAboutCorbyn #ToriesOut £306 33,616 111,490 1,778
 Foxhunting #CruelTories £79 6,164 35,049 332
 #SimonKirby #BrightonKemptown   £277 43,106 497,102 5,438
 #RegisterToVote   £371 84,259 284,083 1,759
 GRAND TOTALS £2,439 361,781 1,903,118 17,883

Originally adverts were targeted to Labour's 20 most vulnerable marginals and the Tories' 5 most vulnerable marginals.

In polling week I focused in remaining expenditure on one constituency per advert (definitely the recommended approach for future campaigns), reaching thousands of voters in each of the following constituencies:

  • Halifax
  • City of Chester
  • Telford
  • Newcastle-under-Lyme
  • Bury North
  • Brighton Kemptown (the Simon Kirby meme).

Update on the six crowdfunded paid ad campaigns by Stop the Tories 2017


The six crowdfunder campaigns for Stop the Tories 2017 paid Facebook advertising will remain open till 5pm Thursday.

A Sunday night appeal on Facebook has brought in another £342... thank you very much to everyone!

Here are current summary stats for all six campaigns:

   Total raised  Direct sponsored reach Total UK reach Number of shares 
#VotingToryKillsDisabledPeople £346  46,665  131,574  1,191 
#VotingToryStarvesChildren £564  68,376  491,651  4,511 
#VoteHuman £310  64,455  317,102  2,623 
#NotAllAboutCorbyn #ToriesOut £96  12,828  72,014  880 
 Foxhunting #CruelTories £45  4,048  25,199  217 
 #SimonKirby #BrightonKemptown   £232  34,450  458,584  5,064 

Each post is now being sponsored just to one carefully selected marginal constituency - a different one for each. I'm not going to disclose till Thursday night which ones (except that one is obviously Brighton Kemptown), because that might be useful to spies, but the posts are reaching deeply and well and truly bursting out of the echo chamber.

Can you donate £3 today, or spread the word?

#NotAllAboutCorbyn meme reaches 65,000 people - crowdfunder now open


This Facebook post has been seen by 65,000 people with an advertising budget of just £50. That budget has sponsored the ad onto over 9,000 news feeds, with the rest of the views coming "organically".

The Conservative Party and their media friends are intent on exploiting public doubts about Jeremy Corbyn, to push the narrative that you "must" re-elect the Tories and Theresa May. Those who frame elections, win them. This Facebook post is an efficient way of challenging the dominant media narrative about #GE17, visually reminding people of just how awful Tory government actually is. The covering text of the Facebook post includes a summary of a salient news article about each of the issues pictured in the meme, with a link for further reading.


I have now opened a new crowdfunder, allowing you to sponsor this important message directly onto the news feeds of even more Facebook users, targeted to a key marginal seat. Your £3 donation buys around 500 page impressions for the advert. View the crowdfunder and donate now...

Update #2 on Simon Kirby crowdfunded meme: direct sponsored reach to 31,000 Brighton/Peacehaven residents; total UK reach 449,000!


Our local crowdfunder for Brighton Kemptown, highlighting the record and the vulnerability of Tory MP Simon Kirby, has now raised £194. This sum has been used to direct sponsor the above post onto the Facebook news feeds of nearly 31,000 people in Brighton, Rottingdean and Peacehaven - more than 20% of all Facebook users in the target area:


In total, it's been seen by 449,000 Facebook users across the UK, with 13,000 reactions including 4,900 shares:


Because of the 714 shares from paid reach to Brighton/Rottingdean/Peacehaven readers, it's a fair guess that the total viewership in that area is a lot higher than the directly sponsored reach of 31,000.

The crowdfunder remains open for your £3 donation. This sum will directly reach over 500 Facebook users in Brighton, Rottingdean and Peacehaven. Every pound gets us closer to every Facebook user in Simon Kirby's constituency having seen the viral meme on his record.

Update on #VotingToryKillsDisabledPeople Facebook paid ad crowdfunder: 110,000 people reached


Just £200 spent on Facebook paid advertising on this post, showcasing disability activist Fiona Robertson's brave and brilliant writing on the impact of #GE17 on disabled people, has reached the news feeds of over 110,000 Facebook users with over 3,800 interactions including 950 shares. Direct paid reach with the £200 has been about 35,000 - meaning that shares of the post have tripled its reach.

The sponsored post is now on its second version (above), optimised in the kind of highly visual format that most typically goes viral on Facebook - bringing even better results than directly sponsoring Fiona's original blog post. 

We are now seeking further donations to our crowdfunder. Your £3 donation directly reaches the news feeds of around 550 extra Facebook users - all targeted to marginal seats. 

Closing update on #RegisterToVote campaign: £371 raised; crowdfunded ads directly reaches 84,000 news feeds targeted to marginal seats, among total reach of of 284,000


Thank you very much to all of the 45 donors who contributed a total of £371 to our crowdfunder, directly sponsoring our #RegisterToVote post on to the Facebook news feeds of 84,000 young people aged 18-25, targeted to marginal seats. Net of PayPal transaction fees on donations, the total crowdfunded advertising budget was £350.61 generating the following results:


The total reach of the ad, based largely around 'organic' shares by the Facebook users reached with the paid ad, was 284,000:


#RegisterToVote crowdfunder raises £342 and reaches 70000 young people's news feeds... Last push before Monday's deadline!

didnt_vote-min.jpg Final_version_of_covering_text.png

The crowdfunded paid Facebook ad to young people, urging them to register to vote against the Tories, has now been directly sponsored onto the news feeds of more than 70,000 young people.

A total of £342 has been crowdfunded by a total of 40 donors. Stop the Tories 2017 editor Chris Henderson says: "Thank you very much for making a difference!!"

All advertising is targeted as far as possible to key marginal constituencies:


The post has gone more and more viral as its covering text has been honed, and it has now been seen by a UK-wide total of 265,047 people. with 1,710 shares and a total of 5,353 "engagements" with the post. It is likely that a good proportion of this shares total will have been in marginal seats, due to the 869 people shown the paid ad in targeted locations sharing it to their friends.


The covering text urges young people who are registered to tag friends who might not be. Readers have tagged nearly 50 friends below the line in public comments.

We are now giving the crowdfunder a last push. We can spend all monies donated within one hour if necessary, so the crowdfunder will remain open till 9pm on Monday.

Can you donate £3 today and get the paid ad onto 600 extra young people's news feeds in the right locations before the deadline?

Final stats will be posted here after the registration deadline.

Toolkit launched for DIY wildcat flyering against the Tories


Want to do D.I.Y. leafleting against the Tories in the General Election 2017 campaign? Do you prefer to use indie, non-party flyers? Don't have flyers or a design to hand? provides everything you need to run a DIY leafleting campaign where you live... and keep it legal.

Choose free double-sided flyer artwork from a gallery

We've provided eight free, high-quality double-sided flyer designs. Click on a thumbnail image below to see both sides of the flyer design enlarged in a new window.

Vote_Human_front_A6_96dpi.jpg _VotingToryKillsDisabledPeople_A6_front_96dpi.jpg  Starve_children_A6_front_96dpi.jpg 
 _FireCutsKill_A6_front_96dpi.jpg  _NotAllAboutCorbyn__ToryBritain_A6_front_96dpi.jpg  _StrongAndStable_A6_front_96dpi.jpg
 _BBCbias_A6_front_96dpi.jpg  _ToriesForThe1Percent_front_A6_96dpi.jpg  


Drawing on political psychology, the double-sided designs combine the following elements:

  • A snappy slogan
  • Imagery which encourages the public to make alternative psychological connections aimed at making it psychologically harder for people to vote for the Tories. The featured images very different to the Tory media imagery of "strong and stable", union jacks etc etc
  • _ToriesForThe1Percent_A6_back_150dpi.pngA tabloid-style piece of copy on the reverse
  • Sources for claims made and/or links to further information
  • A hashtag, to drive people to investigate the issues further for themselves on social media

Viral Facebook memes straight onto flyers!

All of the flyer front designs were previously highly popular Facebook memes. Some of them have already gone truly viral on Facebook to hundreds of thousands of people.

You can freely take any of this artwork straight to your nearest printer. We've also provided instructions on how to include the legally required small print - it's easy!

No-hassle print order toolkit - £85/£105 for 5,000 flyers delivered to your door


Or... We've even teamed up with a trusted print firm to give you an express phone ordering service. Just order 5000 flyers direct from our recommended printer today! Either:


Or, take up indie Facebook publishing instead...

Facebook_publishing_web_thumbnail.pngWould you prefer to campaign online? Perhaps with a smaller budget? 

We've also prepared a toolkit for indie Facebook publishing against the Tories. It's easy and a lot of fun, and you can make a genuine impact with any advertising budget from just £3.

Example_of_small_FB_budget_stats.png£3 typically buys sponsored posts on at least 500 Facebook users' news feeds... and YOU can choose exactly which kinds of people you're reaching on Facebook (including by shared interest), and where. With a slightly bigger budget, you can reach many thousands of people.

Can you speak to your people better than politicians can? Do you want to speak out against the Tories? Go ahead, we've aimed to give you all the tools you need to get started!


Chris_Henderson_professional_profile_picture_May_2017.JPGThis project is run by Chris Henderson, a freelance creative activist-publisher. Chris used to be a Green Party local comms officer, local organiser, and social media trainer. However he is now working independently, freelance, and non-aligned with any party. For more about the project and its creator, see the About Stop the Tories 2017 webpage.

We want more flyer artwork! Have you got good flyer designs that should be added to our toolkit gallery? Please see instructions here.

New crowdfunder: Anti #SimonKirby meme goes viral to 267,000 people with only £100 spent!

So this is interesting. Twitter user @Rachael_Swindon has been producing handy, and very popular, little memes like this:


Now, Facebook has not traditionally allowed "paid boosting" of images which are covered in text. However, they've recently loosened their rules, which are no longer very clear; they do tell you that texty images "may not run", and a couple of paid boosts I've attempted have been unsuccessful. But, but, I've been allowed to paid boost this meme to Brighton and Peacehaven residents unhindered, and it's gone super viral! Here are the stats for direct reach of the £100 I've been able to spend:


...and here are overall stats including organic reach generated from all those shares. 


To reach 267,000 people for only £100 spent is fairly extraordinary. I'm not able to determine the total number of people who've seen it who live in Brighton or Peacehaven, as the meme has also gone national, but clearly in Brighton it's reached much more than the 19,000 direct paid reach. There's also a big appetite nationally to see unpleasant Tory MPs picked off!

I've looked up how many Facebook users there are in total in Brighton and Peacehaven (the neighbouring town which is in Brighton Kemptown constituency): 150,000. Frustratingly Facebook only allows you to target "Brighton" (i.e. without Hove, but not able to differentiate between the two Brighton constituencies). I estimate that reaching all of these 150,000 users will take a budget of around £900. So, I haven't been able to resist starting another crowdfunder, and it will only take a few quid to run a paid ad targeted to all the many Brighton followers of Stop the Tories 2017.

£3 gets the meme onto 500+ extra news feeds in Brighton and Peacehaven, including an estimated 200+ in Brighton Kemptown constituency itself. Can you donate £3 today to help make sure we get this unpleasant character out on 8th June?

#RegisterToVote crowdfunder update: £180 raised, 28,000 extra young people's news feeds reached

So, I've been spending most of my time lately setting up the flyer design gallery, and the main crowdfunder push for the donation pages set up on this website will be coming within maybe the next week or so...


But with the voter registration deadline approaching, I've given a bit of a push to the #RegisterToVote crowdfunder, and had a good response! Thank you very much to everyone who's donated. £180 has now been raised - £171.11 net of our crowdfunder platform fees.

That's all been put into Facebook, and at the time of writing £143.44 of that has been spent. That money has directly reached nearly 29,000 young people's news feeds, targeted as far as possible to marginal seats.

I've rewritten the covering text for the cartoon, for punchier impact. Here's the new covering text:


The stats for paid reach, targeted as far as possible at marginal constituencies, can be seen here:


While here are figures for all reach of the post UK-wide, including organic reach. 96,000 people have seen it in total:


We can see that for each £1 spent on paid advertising targeted to marginal seats, we directly generate roughly:

  • Eight young people clicking on the cartoon, likely reading some of the covering text.
  • One click on the link directly.
  • One share - thus organically reaching many more news feeds, which we probably mostly wouldn't reach otherwise.


Is this good value for money compared to other register-to-vote activities? Of those 8 young people per £1 who stop and engage, how many might typically end up registering to vote? How many readers who don't click on the post might still be influenced by it, part of a process ending in them registering by the deadline?

The figures are considerably lower than for our other paid ads - #RegisterToVote doesn't get as many people's hearts racing as our luridly anti-Tory memes it seems. We've experimented with a small paid boost for another visually striking #RegisterToVote meme, and the figures it generated were very similar to these ones.

We can't know. It's all experimental, but the numbers evidence some level of impact. Get in touch and let me know what you think? Thanks for your support.

The crowdfunder remains open until 21st May. (The day before the registration deadline, as money can be spent fully in 24 hours!) If you'd like to donate £3 and reach an extra 600 news feeds targeted to marginal seats, your donation will be very gratefully received.