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#VoteHuman: The Facebook crowdfunder

This is a crowdfunder to sponsor this image on to the news feeds of just as many extra Facebook users as possible. It's already been seen by over 270,000 people, with over 2,000 shares. Your money reaches hundreds of UK Facebook users who DON'T normally see anti-Tory posts.

The Facebook page Stop the Tories 2017 will use all your donations to keep boosting this post to more and more people's news feeds. 

#ChangingTheDebate: Focus on the sociopathy of the Tory front bench

The covering text with this image aims to provocatively change the frame of debate for the General Election. Because you can't eat a Hard Brexit.

No one is saying that Tory voters are all bad people - indeed that's manifestly untrue. However we really do need to start talking about the personalities of the current Tory front bench and parliamentary party - the tiny, elite, ever more out-of-touch cabal who are casually making decisions which deeply impact millions of ordinary lives.

A link is provided to the excellent blog article "Is the Tory Party a haven for sociopaths?", together with a carefully edited covering extract readable as soon as anyone clicks 'See more' on the post. Here is that extract, intended to speak for itself:


 Donate now? #TogetherWeWin #StopTheTories

Please consider donating £3 today. This sum will sponsor this post to around 600 extra Facebook users, getting them to see this post on their news feeds. Reach will be targeted to people living the all-important marginal constituencies. 

Many of these 600 will be possible Tory supporters, undecideds, or possible non-voters.

If you can't donate yourself, can you share and spread the word? 

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