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#VotingToryStarvesChildren: #TellTruthToTorySupporters

When choosing a group within society to listen to about what life is actually like for the nation's primary school age children in #ToryBritain, how about... their class teachers? 

The National Union of Teachers has recently published an illuminating and shocking survey on hungry children. Everyone clicking on 'See more' on this Facebook post is shown the following summary of the research and associated #ToryBritain points:

Full_covering_text.png #TellTruthToTorySupporters: The crowdfunder

This is a crowdfunder to sponsor this hard-hitting image and information onto the news feeds of just as many extra Facebook users as possible. We're sponsoring mass reach to UK Facebook users who DON'T normally see anti-Tory posts.

Many of the thousands of extra people we reach will be soft Tory supporters or undecided, maybe unengaged voters. Some of these might have forgotten, or deliberately forgotten, just how nasty and vicious this Tory government is. We get to remind them. 

The Facebook page Stop the Tories 2017 will use all your donations to keep boosting this post to more and more people's news feeds.

Donate now? #TogetherWeWin #StopTheTories

Please consider donating £3 today. This sum will sponsor this post to around 900 extra Facebook users, getting them to see this post on their news feeds. Reach will be targeted to people living the all-important marginal constituencies. 

Many of these 900 people will be possible Tory supporters, undecideds, or possible non-voters.

If you can't donate yourself, can you share and spread the word? 

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