Wealthy living just yards from Grenfell Tower 'were handed a £100 tax rebate because of council savings'

grenfell_mirror.jpgWealthy people living just yards from fire-gutted Grenfell Tower were handed a £100 tax rebate, a resident has claimed.

An anonymous letter accused Kensington & Chelsea council chiefs of “giving to the rich, while taking from the poor”.

The resident said they got a note in 2014 saying anyone paying full council tax would get £100 back – thanks to efficiency savings.

Writing to the Guardian, the author blasted the authority’s spending priorities when social housing blocks like Grenfell Tower had no sprinkler systems.

They added: "As the toxic ash of Grenfell Tower’s vanity cladding falls overthe neighbouring streets, we are left with the acrid truth in our throats: regeneration in the Royal Borough is in fact a crime of greed and selfishness. [Read full article on Daily Mirror website...]